Our team

Bio-Contrôle Arboricole (BCA) is a Quebec-own business that specializes in the global health of trees. We offer a wide range of services covering the whole life cycle of trees.


  • To maintain an equilibrium between urban environments and nature by protecting the health of trees.
  • To favour an ecological approach respecting the environment by performing eco-sensible interventions.

Our Team

Our team comprises professionals specialized in the maintenance of trees, pruning, pest management and as a last resort, tree felling.

We have all the training and licenses required to use pesticides and pest management agents in the province of Québec. Tree pruning and felling is done according the best practices in the art by a certified arborist.

Peace of Mind

Bio-Contrôle Arboricole (BCA) possesses liability insurance to protect you in case of an unforeseeable event.

Élagueur, travail risqué – Tree trimmer dangerous jobs